About Us

In 1995, the international instrument company, Leeds & Northrup were put up for sale by its owner General Signal in USA.
The final outcome was that L&N was sold off in four separate divisions. Leeds & Northrup NZ Ltd. was placed in the Products division and sold to Honeywell International.
The SCADA division of L&N was sold to Foxboro USA.
LNNZ was the local agent for a number of industrial products of overseas suppliers and manufacturers.
In a desire to continue this supply and support to their local customers, successful negotiations resulted in the following company being formed in March 1996.

Measurement and Control Systems Ltd is jointly owned and operated by
Bruce Clifford (former GM of LNNZ) and Ross Mason (former Senior Project Engineer with LNNZ).
With over sixty combined years of experience in this field, we feel that we were are not only aptly named but are well equipped to serve our customers.

General Overview
Measurement and Control Systems Limited (MCS) is privately owned and operated specializing in sales, support and engineering of Industrial Process and SCADA technology products.
These include Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Infrared Temperature Measurement Systems, Combustion, Environmental and Toxic Gas Systems. SCADA Systems and RTU equipment for Electric Power Generation and Distribution Industry.

Objective of Profile
MCS is always seeking new customers and challenges that will benefit from our range of products and engineering skills. We specialize in system integration, working closely with the end user to produce a result that is both practical for the operator and maximize production and efficiencies.
MCS offer solutions rather than sell products to ensure customer satisfaction. The results of successful solutions are what our reputation is founded on.

Product & Service Overview
MCS have a complete range of process measurement and control devices, which we offer to the NZ Industry. We have the knowledge and experience to advise on the correct application of our products and keep in regular contact with overseas principals re product application training and service skills.
MCS stock the product and the spares necessary to backup the installed base.
MCS is a low profile company that strives to provide cost effective solutions to end users, with the minimum of support and future dependence, by training local staff and or subcontractors to maintain the system.
MCS continues to advertise in an effort to make current and potential customers aware of our presence in the marketplace. Articles reflect the different product ranges that we represent.

Some past projects:

Industrial Process Control Systems

  • O-I Glass NZ - upgrade of TOSHIBA Glass Furnace Control System
    The most recent upgrade required the complete replacement of both the Operator Stations (HMI's) and the Distributed Control System (DCS), which contained all loop and process logic for the two 200 tonne per day glass furnaces. There was also new control logic to be added which enhanced product quality that further complicated the changeover strategy. The furnaces operate 24hrs a day every day of the year with planned shutdowns being a major operation every five to eight years.
    The testing and commissioning the new system required detailed planning and in-depth knowledge of the furnace process logic to achieve the goal of changeover without loss of production (i.e. no down time). In fact the biggest risk was not production per say, but if heat was lost for any substantial period the entire furnace was at risk (a furnace rebuild is in excess of $15M).
    MCS was responsible for the supply of the new Toshiba OIS-DS HMIs and nV series controller hardware and software. Also the design, engineering, in-house testing and integration of the new loop and process logic and the onsite changeover from old to new, including all process documentation and drawings.

  • Animal Feeding System on Rotary Milking Platforms
    MCS supplied PLC hardware and software for this automated feeding system.
    Included was the initial design, engineering, testing documentation and drawings for the logic to client requirements. The design was such that the PLC program is identical for all platforms manufactured. As well, specials are programmed on a one-of basis.

  • Electric Glass-Tempering Furnace - PC/PLC system for glass tempering furnace
    MCS are assisting in the ongoing development of a pilot 'Glass Tempering Furnace', which requires a flexible system to test and develop yet unproven furnace conditions and associated equipment.
    MCS are responsible for the supply, design, drawings and commissioning of the Citect HMI, Toshiba PLC & VSD (variable speed drive) equipment.

  • NZ Steel Rolling Mills - DCS and PLC support:
    DCS and PLC systems are used stand-alone and on integrated networks within the Hot and Cold Rolling Mills.
    MCS are currently involved in support and upgrades of some of these systems, using the latest Toshiba V-Series 2000 and 3000 systems on various plant applications. These include the annealing ovens, overhead cranes, coil-oiler systems, acid regeneration/waste and more.

  • Dairy Industry Controls
    MCS supply sanitary pasteurisation control systems to several major Dairy Companies and other associated industries.

  • MCS have PLC's in various Packaging and Inventory Control Systems for the Plastic Film, Fruit and Vegetable, Specialist Product Packing, Glassware Industries, etc.

  • Electric Power Load-Control using Toshiba PLC's (LCRTU)
    Over the past few years MCS has been commissioned by a number of power authorities to develop a PLC to carry out Load-Control for individual Points of Supply (POS) from single target Load Control System. The PLC package offered to the customer gives them local, timetable & remote functionality. They have been configured to cover several different types of telegram protocol. To-date there has been over 50 of these LCRTU units put into service throughout NZ and overseas.

  • Hydro Electric Power Station and Distribution Sub Station Control
    MCS have designed, supplied, commissioned over 200 RTU's to the Electric Power Distribution Industry, including optically linked (Optonet) on a peer to peer highway for Roxburgh (9 RTU) and Clyde (14 RTU) Hydro Generation Stations. Remote Substation Control by RTU's has involved the design and development of various controls for AVR using master follow and circulating current method in substations with multiple Transformers, auto recloser software, under frequency load trip etc.

Competitive Advantages
With over 60 years of in-house experience in the Industrial Process Control and SCADA fields, MCS is a company with considerable value to both our Customers (and their users) as well as our Principals.
MCS has an independent base of sub-contractors with proven track records and knowledge of our systems to assist in all aspects of system integration.

Technology Capabilities
MCS offer the latest in-house technologies, whilst following the industry's latest trends and solutions.
All of our Principal's products and systems are designed and manufactured to ISO 9000 standards.
MCS offers a first-line support of all products and systems that it sells. If required, it is then followed up by local specialists or direct support from the overseas supplier's technical support department.
MCS have the full support of our International Corporates (e.g. Toshiba International Corp., Foxboro SCADA (Schneider Electric), etc.) when required on Major Project work who will take Prime Contractor Role when appropriate with MCS providing the local engineering and on going support.