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As a leading supplier of equipment to Australia and New Zealand's Industry, Toshiba has a range of high quality, advanced technology, cost-effective products and totally engineered systems which meet the most stringent operational and technical requirements.

TOSHIBA V-series Integrated Controller

The Integrated Controller V series consists of seamless, scalable controllers which integrate such functions as sequence control (S), loop control (L), and computer processing (C), which have been independent so far, and cover a wide range of systems, large or small.
The sequence, loop, and computer functions are made possible by single architecture, and a single engineering tool covers a system as a whole.
The Integrated Controllers are control devices of a new-generation integrally applicable to a wide variety of control systems ranging from those for process automation to those for factory automation in the assembly and processing industries. An ideal replace for the older EX100, EX250 & EX500 PLCs.
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